Agricultural Tank Painting

Infrastructure such as Fertilizer Tanks, Seed Tanks, Grain Bins, Storage Tanks, Silos, Propane Tanks, Ammonia Tanks, Structural Steel, and Catwalks are very critical assets in the agricultural industry.

That’s why companies choose MPC – Markley’s Precision Company – the tank painting experts, to properly restore them for long-lasting service lives, optimal performance, safety, and appearance.

Without proper maintenance, these structures are prone to serious structural and safety issues, quality control problems, and hefty fines.

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Why Agricultural Tank Painting & Maintenance is Important


To align with critical timelines, such as the annual harvest or seasonal fuel demand, storage tanks and silos must be in a state of constant readiness. Our crews are available for 24/7 service upon request and are very accustomed to working quickly with an emphasis on minimizing downtime to get you back to service fast.

Stored Material Contamination

Corrosion contamination of stored materials is quite costly and damaging to business reputations. Properly maintained silos and tanks safeguard the core assets of your business, reinforcing your vital role in the supply chain.


Without regular maintenance, corrosion can literally eat away at your assets, leaving you prone to costly structural repairs and, even more significantly, to costly downtime. Regular preventative corrosion maintenance, such as painting, can preserve your assets for decades to come.


Hiring contractors who are aware of safety procedures is one thing; hiring competent contractors who are not only aware of but also diligently conduct these critical safety procedures is another. Here at MPC, safety is paramount. We implement procedures such as Job Safety Analyses (JSAs), Lockout-Tagout-Tryout, Confined Space Entry Safety, Emergency Action Plans, and much more, all of which meet or surpass OSHA requirements.

OSHA & Environmental Fees - Compliance

Be proactive and avoid the hefty fines from being out of compliance. We will ensure you are compliant with OSHA, USDA, FDA, NSF, third party audits and any other applicable regulations and requirements.

Other Agricultural Applications We Specialize In

Concrete Tank & Silo Roof Coatings

Flat roofs are subject to ponding water and must withstand environmental conditions such as heat, the sun’s UV rays, rain, wind, snow, and general wear and tear. All these factors lead to the expansion and contraction of the roof, breaking down roof systems and sealants. This allows moisture and ponding water to infiltrate areas where they shouldn’t, potentially causing catastrophes.

Being proactive and choosing a contractor like MPC to conduct proper inspections, preparation, and installation of the right coatings, such as an asphalt-based urethane elastomer coating with aggregate, is an excellent solution for effectively waterproofing and sealing your roof.

Elastomeric coatings, known for their high elongation factor (indicating very high flexibility), expand and contract while being highly resistant to cracking, chipping, and peeling.

These coatings can be applied in temperatures below freezing, allowing for year-round installation

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