Painting of Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Selecting the right contractor for your distribution center or warehouse painting project is crucial.

At Markley’s Precision Company (MPC), we have extensive experience, the necessary equipment, technical know-how, comprehensive safety protocols, sufficient working capital, and the manpower required to efficiently paint large warehouses spanning tens of thousands of square feet. We also ensure completion on time, within specifications, and under budget.

Contact MPC today to discuss your project and see how we can bring your vision to life with our professional warehouse painting services. Whether you’re looking to enhance safety, compliance, or simply refresh your facility, we’re here to help. Reach out now for a consultation and take the first step towards transforming your warehouse space with MPC.

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Benefits of Painting Warehouses and Distribution Facilities

Brighter & Safer

Painting enhances the work environment by increasing brightness, improving visibility, enhancing worker safety, and potentially boosting production.

Lower Cleaning & Maintenance Costs

Reduces cleaning and maintenance efforts and costs, thanks to the ease of cleaning glossier surfaces compared to older, duller painted surfaces (for example, using a glossy white urethane alkyd coating).

Enhanced Surface Protection

Offers additional protection for surfaces, aiding in corrosion protection for steel ceilings, resealing brick and masonry, and extending the lifespan of CMU block walls or foundations.

Prevention of Product Contamination

Prevents product contamination from peeling or flaking ceiling paint and corroded areas.

OSHA Compliance Assurance

Ensures OSHA compliance through color coding of pipelines for combustible and toxic fluids, gases, and fire-quenching systems.

Regulatory Compliance Readiness

Maintains readiness for inspections, aiding compliance with FDA, USDA, EPA, and other regulations.

Property Value Enhancement

Increases property value, making painting a wise investment for enhancing ROI, whether you plan to sell or lease spaces such as warehouses, offices, apartments, and condominiums.

Warehouse Painting - Our Advice

Paint Color

White or lighter colors are preferred for interiors, as they enhance brightness and visibility, which is crucial for safety and efficiency.
A glossy finish with good color and gloss retention also simplifies cleaning and maintenance.

Paint Type

The choice of paint depends on the surface material. For steel walls, ceilings, and beams, a high-quality white gloss coating, like a high solids urethane or urethane-alkyd coating, is recommended for its durability and ease of maintenance. While standard alkyds, oil-based enamels, or latex paints are options, they do not offer the same quality and longevity as polyurethane or urethane-alkyd coatings. For concrete floors, we provide specialized solutions on our flooring page.

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