Storage Tank Painting in Ohio & US Wide

We are a tried and true industrial tank sandblasting and painting contractors. Servicing nationwide.

We are certified experts that specialize in restoring vertical (VSTs), horizontal (HSTs) and aboveground storage tanks (ASTs), including water towers, propane tanks or fuel and oil tanks. Besides panting the the exterior, we can also provide Interior Tank Lining services.

Since our founding, restoring storage tanks has been our main focus. Through the years, we’ve spent thousands of hours working on tanks of all shapes and sizes honing and streamlining our service.

This resulted in a lean, highly efficient tank refurbishing process built around the philosophy of giving our clients the best quality product for their dollar, budget, and needs.

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    Our Tank Painting Services

    Propane Tanks

    Specialized painting services for propane tanks, ensuring durability and compliance with industry standards.


    Ground storage tank painting services provide protection and aesthetic appeal for various storage needs.


    Expert painting services for water towers, utilizing quality materials to withstand environmental conditions.

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    Nationwide Tank Painting
    Over 5000 Tanks Restored
    Preferred Contractor
    Accident Free Safety Record
    Best-In-Class Warranties
    Zero Downtime Process
    100% Eco-Friendly
    Anywhere In The USA

    Our Tank Painting Process

    We first identify the previous substrate & assess the current coating condition looking for a certain degree or percentage of rust, level of mill scale, etc that can be visibly assessed. We compare the coating to SSPC Pictorial Surface Standards to determine the best course of action to properly prepare the surface (if not already specified.) and determine a proper containment setup (If necessary).

    We typically start with SSPC SP 1 solvent cleaning; we remove all dirt, grime, oils, mildew, and other surface level contaminants for both inside and outside the tank structure.

    For Commercial projects we blast to SSPC sp 6 standards or to the required spec. Once done, we measure surface profile, and test cleanliness (dust, soluble salts & chlorides) to make sure it meets specifications.

    The exterior surface preparation will depend on the level of quality desired and/or our field observations of the current coating quality to determine which preparation specification to meet.

    Before we start our tank painting process, we always check conditions such as relative humidity, moisture content, temperature, and dew point to make sure the conditions meet coating specification. Once optimal, we start the coating process.

    Based on your tank, the region your in, type of tank, budget, and many other variables, we come up with the right coating system for your tank. We then coat to manufacturers recommended mil thickness or to the required spec. Throughout the coating process, our applicators use mil gauges to make sure we are meeting thickness specifications.

    Once dry to handle, we double check dft to ensure we’ve coated your tank properly and test for holidays if necessary (it’s a process of inspecting the coating for small defects, flaws, or “holidays” – areas where the coating has not adhered properly, leaving the underlying material exposed.)

    Tanks Are What We Do

    With over 5,000 storage tanks restored, we understand various needs, tank types, schedules, and quality expectations. We’ve tailored our process to three main concerns: job site safety, tank downtime, and price.

    Our philosophy is to provide the best quality product for your budget and needs. You won’t find a better service for your money.

    Quick turnaround & no Downtime

    We know how important it is for your business to stay in operation, that’s why we make sure we get the job done fast and that you don’t experience any downtime.

    For a typical 30,000 gal. LPG tank, you can expect an average turnaround time of only 2 days. We offer Dustless Blasting applications as well for more active sites where staying operational is critical.

    Best-In-Class Warranties

    With our expert restoration staff, top-of-the-line equipment, and use of top notch coatings. We’re very confident in our ability to give you a paint job that will last. 

    That’s why we offer some of the longest term warranties in the business.

    Environmental Analysis

    Whether your project is on along the coastline of the gulf coast weathering high winds and saltwater or they’re in the type of climate where they can experience all 4 seasons in a day. 

    In either situation, we take all factors into account and tailor-fit our coatings to best protect your tanks/assets and therefore give them the best possible protection.

    We "Spec' To Protect

    In order to deliver consistent, high quality, paint jobs time after time… we “spec” our projects to give you the best coating protection (when coating specs are not specified). We measure surface profile, before & after DFT, and test for holidays upon request.

    We do this to ensure that our clients get what they paid for… a top quality paint job.

    Accident Free Safety Record

    We’re proud to say that we’ve had no major recorded accidents for as long as we’ve been in business. We’re committed to keeping our employees, our clients, the public, and the environment safe.

    We attribute this to our knowledge and years of experience working with many different fuels & gasses, our safety equipment, our safety processes & procedures, and our commitment to using only environmentally friendly silica-free blasting materials.

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