Fireproofing Coating

Markley’s Precision Company (MPC) is at the forefront of providing comprehensive fireproofing coating solutions, serving both Ohio and clients across the USA. Our expertise extends to applying both Intumescent and Cementitious Coatings, tailored to protect your structures from fire damage.

By assessing atmospheric conditions, location, accessibility, and other critical factors, we ensure the selection of the most suitable coating for each unique application.

We are committed to enhancing the safety of steel beams, floors, doors, walls, columns, ceilings, roofs, wood, and other structural materials with professional installation of sprayed fire-resistive materials.

You can rely on Markley’s Precision Company as a partner for top-tier fireproofing services that prioritize the safety and integrity of your commercial or industrial property.

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The Importance of Fireproofing Your Structures

Here at MPC, we’re familiar with using multiple types of products depending on specification and purpose. We specialize in a variety of coatings, including Albi, Carboline, PPG Pitt-Char, FireFilm, among others. The application of these coatings is typically required by law and is spelled out in local, state, and federal fireproofing codes.

Structural Integrity

Fireproofing is great for structural steel protection. During a fire, steel can lose its strength, which can severely impact the structural integrity of the building and its longevity. Applying fireproofing coatings is great added insurance to help protect against a potential total collapse of a building during a fire.

Passive Protection

It's designed to provide passive protection to help maintain the integrity of the building during a fire emergency, buying anywhere from 1-4 hours of time to give firefighters and emergency responders more time to act to put out the fire.

Universal Application

Fireproofing in a form of application of intumescent or cementitious coatings, can be applied to steel beams, floors, doors, walls, columns, ceilings, roofs, foundations, and other structural materials in order to better protect these components from fire damage in case of a building fire.

Types of Fireproof Coatings We Provide

Cementitious Coatings

Versatile, spray-applied fire resistant materials (SFRM), that provide robust protection for a variety of structural components. They adhere well to surfaces, offering durable resistance against fire while maintaining the structural integrity of buildings.
Low Density (SFRM) - Can be wet or dry sprayed, each has its advantages. Designed to cover a full range of concealed fireproofing locations.
Medium Density (SFRM) - Can also be wet or dry sprayed. This is generally applied in exposed or high-traffic areas. Portland Cement-based fireproofing products provide outstanding protection.
High Density - Can cover a wide range of applications, exceeds performance standards. Incredible robustness and thermal resistance.

Intumescent Coatings

Water-based and allows companies, architects, contractors, or designers to show exposed structural steel while providing fire protection. It leaves a smooth aesthetically pleasing finish.
Thin Film - Typically used in interior spaces, thin-film intumescent coatings are applied like paint and can be pigmented to match design requirements. They provide a smooth finish while ensuring effective fire resistance for structural steel elements.
Thick Film - Engineered for more demanding environments, including exterior applications or areas requiring higher fire-resistance ratings. Thick film intumescent coatings are often epoxy-based, providing a durable layer of protection against fire and the elements.

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