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We offer a wide variety of dustless blasting services and are able to blast surfaces of all types using nothing but 100% Eco Friendly & Silica Free blast media, making it safe to blast anywhere. 

Unlike traditional sandblasting, our dustless sandblasting technique (also knows as vapor blasting) stands out by incorporating water into the blasting process. This innovative approach significantly reduces airborne dust, offering a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional abrasive blasting methods.

This wet media blasting technique enables us to work swiftly and conduct blasting in almost any location with minimal disruption and residue. For an affordable dustless sandblasting service, feel free to contact us today via phone, email or by filling in the online form.  

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Our Dustless Blasting Services

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti removal services that utilize eco-friendly dustless sandblasting methods to restore surfaces to their original appearance.

Yellow Line Removal

Dustless sandblasting for line removal that ensures environmentally clean and precise removal of road markings.

Industrial Equipment

Thorough cleaning and preparation of industrial equipment and machinery, using eco-friendly materials for various industrial applications.

Dustless blasting for commercial trucks and fleet, offering thorough cleaning and preparation for painting or restoration.


Tailored dustless sandblasting for large-scale industrial projects, delivering effective surface preparation.


We offer residential blasting services, perfect for home renovation projects, utilizing safe and eco-friendly methods.

Ensuring meticulous cleaning and preparation, using water-based blasting methods that protect the environment.

Trailer blasting, offering precise and efficient surface preparation for restoration or repainting.

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100 % Eco-Friendly
Zero Downtime Process
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Our Dustless Blasting Process

We recommend to have your project prepped & ready for sandblasting before we show up. Click below to see how to prep for dustless blasting.

Now we do our thing. Just sit back and relax as we blast your surface prep problems away using nothing but eco-friendly blasting materials.

Once the sandblasting is done, simply clean it up, let it lay, or have us clean it up. Simple as that.

Important: How to Prep For Your Dustless Blasting Service

For any blasting project, we need your project clean and for us to have enough space to blast every nook & cranny. In order to do that, we need your project to be 100% accessible.

How do you do that? Well it generally means removing any lights, mirrors, handles, or accessories from your project. It also includes covering up glass areas with thick cardboard and heavy duty tape (we recommend gorilla tape). To protect surrounding valuables, laying 4 mil. plastic sheeting on the object and/or on the ground protects the surrounding object from stray blast media and makes the mess easy to control and clean up (your preference). 

If you plan on doing a lot of taping to prep your project, we strongly recommend that you clean your project first to allow the tape to stick better. Other than the plastic sheeting, the rest of the prep process is something we don’t usually prep for residential customers due to liability concerns. However we can prep upon request. 

Optional: Laying Plastic Sheeting

If you decide to lay the sheeting yourself, we recommend laying 10 ft. extra on the dimensions of your project. For example, if you have a car thats 8 ft. long and 5 ft. wide, then you would lay at least an 18′ x 15′ wide section; when centered on the sheeting it should give an additional 5 ft. of coverage for us around the project.

If there is something you would like to protect thats within 20 ft. of your blasting project, we recommend putting up the same 4 mil. plastic sheeting to shield it from stray blast media.


Dustless Blasting - Your Curious Queries

Dustless blasting, also known as dustless sandblasting, is a green surface preparation method that uses abrasive media and water to minimise dust while efficiently removing impurities, rust, and coatings from diverse surfaces.

As they are launched onto surfaces at astounding pressure levels, abrasive media and water work together in a high-powered partnership during dustless blasting. This potent mixture ensures a clean and effective operation by eliminating undesirable coatings and corrosion and successfully controlling dust and airborne particles.

A qualified dustless blaster’s price for their work is as individual as your fingerprint. Depending on the scope of your project, the surface type you’re treating, the abrasive medium you choose, and your location. To acquire a precise estimate for the cost of dustless blasting services to improve your project, get in touch with our company, Merkleys Precision Company.

Though dustless blasting produces substantially less dust than conventional techniques, it is not entirely dust-free. Although minimal dust may still form depending on conditions and materials, water is added to reduce dust, earning it the moniker “dustless”. In addition to adequately removing coatings and rust, water-abrasive blasting also helps to manage dust.

Dustless blasting, commonly known as sandless blasting, is like the smooth-talking secret agent of surface prep. It’s got style and substance with minimal dust emissions and versatility across different surfaces. In contrast, while robust in heavy-duty situations, traditional sandblasting can be a dusty affair, creating a cloud of particles that dustless blasting elegantly sidesteps.

Blasting without dust is more like a culinary masterpiece. It whips up a slurry of water and abrasives that is shot onto surfaces. This unique method effectively removes impurities, corrosion, and coatings while preventing dust from taking centre stage, making it a standout in surface preparation.

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