Automotive Sandblasting Services

Envision an automotive blasting service that leaves your car’s surface spotlessly clean and keeps it cool as it works. Precisely, that is what we provide, assuring you that your cherished vehicle will leave our shop looking better. Our passion for protecting the integrity of your car is steadfast, and our use of a dustless blasting method is proof of this.

100% Eco-Friendly. Silica-Free

Our automotive blasting is also 100% eco-friendly as we use crushed glass in our media blasting process. The media contains zero chemicals, zero silica, and is environmentally inert making clean-up a breeze. This makes it a perfectly safe way to remove rust and paint off your car or truck at our shop, or right in your driveway. Either choice, you can rely on us to provide automotive sandblasting services that are just as kind to the environment as it is to your vehicle!

We’re Mobile

Because we are mobile, we can bring our auto sandblasting service to you! We prep your dream car right in your driveway for the same price (or less than) as your local body shop, and strip the paint or rust off your vehicle in as little as an hour. We service Ohio and US wide.

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    AUTO BLASting experts
    Best-In-Class Warranties
    Zero panel warping
    Rust Prevention
    Zero Downtime Process
    Quick Turn-Around
    100% Eco-Friendly

    Automotive Blasting With Eco-Friendly Approach

    We at Markleys Precision Company are committed to raising the bar for the vehicle restoration sector. Our cutting-edge dustless blasting technology is very efficient and kind to the environment. Through years of practice, we have refined the delicate balancing act between accuracy and compassion.

    Our dustless blasting service is what it sounds like, a minimal dust media aid that cools as it blasts, which is great for temperature sensitive surfaces such as auto body panels, resulting in zero panel warping, making it an excellent choice for automotive paint restoration.

    When it comes to automotive dustless blasting, our service isn’t just the best in Ohio – it’s in a league of its own. Of course, we’re biased, but we understand your concerns. Bit if old stories of warped body panels are giving you nightmares about your upcoming sandblasting project, and you’re looking for a company to ensure you a top quality job, you’re in the right place. You’ve just stumbled upon the artisans who combine unrivalled expertise with a constant commitment to environmental sustainability which is what really distinguishes us from the rest.

    Our Commitment to Environmentally Friendly Practices

    Our automotive blasting method uses environmentally safe products and procedures to ensure your repair job doesn’t harm the environment. We pride ourselves on setting the standard for environmentally friendly vehicle solutions that provide you peace of mind and protect the planet simultaneously.

    When we're done, your car is ready for primer

    Your vehicle will stay rust-free as long as measures are taken to prevent moisture. Consider weather, humidity, dew point, and other contaminants such as dust, grease, oils, etc. Ideally, you should park your car in a heated garage covered with a tarp.

    As we introduce you to the modern era of superior automotive sandblasting and restoration, place your trust in us to revitalize your car, and provide seasoned guidance on post-blasting care too!

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